12pcs Kabuki Foundation Blusher Professional Make up Brush Brushes Set Makeup

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      ❤️🧡High Quality of 12 piece makeup   brush set with wooden handles💙❤️


                                             🧡Product Description❤️

This 12 pieces best quality makeup brush set contains a variety of brushes for your face, eye, and lip cosmetics application needs. The best quality wooden handles give the makeup brushes professional feel, strong grip, and durability.


Face brush (3)

Use different sizes of face brushes for loose or compact powder applications all over the face. These are also ideal for applying blush, primer, or under eye products.

Foundation brush (1)

Use this brush for liquid foundations or concealer application. Its firm bristles soak less amount of the liquid makeup so that you get the right coverage for a natural look.

Eye shadow brush (4)

The four eye shadow brushes with different shapes give your eyes the perfect look with smooth application on the lid, in the crease, and around the corners.

Nose shadow brush (2)

Use nose shadow brushes for contouring and shadowing around the nose.

Eyeliner brush (1)

Use this brush for powder or liquid eye liner application.




Eyebrow brush (1)


Glow 12 makeup brush set is ideal for starters learning to do makeup professionally and personal users. If you are new to doing makeup then we do advise to seek professional advice to understand how to use various makeup brushes and to apply makeup using makeup brushes effectively. 

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