50Pcs Dental Floss Stick Flossing String Tooth Picks Flossers Teeth Plaque Oral


50 pcs Dental Oral flos 

Hygiene Feature:

Product odorless and BPA Free,where is not contents any artificial taste, so its highly hygiene product 


With Convenient Travel Cases and Daily uses at Home:

A packaged is convenient travel package, easy to pack for trips and outgoings. Each pack has 50 counts, you can put them in your backpack, office, car etc


Removes Food & Plaque:

This floss is 2 in 1, floss and tooth pick which removes plaque where your toothbrush can't reach, helping to fight tooth decay and keep your teeth clean. It can be used as inter-dental brush or toothpick, deeply cleaning between teeth and stimulating gums


Strong Threader Floss:

 Ultra thin silky comfort floss glides through your teeth without even having to make an effort. Using high density HIPS material, Handle is durable and give your enough support, no pinching or squeezing your fingers anymore

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