HENNA EYEBROW EYELASH TINT Professional Brow Dye Cream Black Brown Coffee 2x10ml

HENNA Professional  
Henna Professional Eyebrow/eyelash tint is convenient and easy to use, that effects of one-time dyeing last and long. Henna black, grey and coffee cover your hair effectively. The composition of the cosmetic has been enriched, which nourish, strengthen and prevent hair loss. HENNA PRO COLORS will make eyebrows get a distinct shape and become easier to style.
Just 10-15 minutes is enough to darken the eye frame. It should also be remembered that the longer we leave the cosmetic on the eyebrows, the darker the shade we will get.

How to Apply
> Apply a thin layer of rich cream to protect your skin around the brows.
> Mix a small amount of the colouring cram( about 1cm) with 10 or 12 drops of the activating 
lotion in the glass dish(mixing ratio 1:1)
>Mix throughly until the consistency is homogenous and smooth.
>Use immediately after its preparation, do not store after you mixed.
> Apply the mixture on the eyebrows with the spatula 
> Rinse off with Water and 10-15minutes

For professional use only

Package Includes 
Tube coloring cream (Tint) -10 ml
. Activator  -10ml 
. Eyebrow Stencils - 3 Shape 
. Eyelashes/ Eyebrow Applicator Brush- 1 Pcs
. Plastic Gloves one pair

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