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Individual Eyelash Extension Volume Tweezers 3 Pieces ESD13,14,15 Set With Bag


3 Pcs Professional individual eyelash tweezers with Bag 

ESD-13, ESD-14, ESD-15


This professional Eyelash Tweezers are high quality Stainless Steel/ Non-Magnetic High precision (great for the tiniest hairs)

Which enhance perfect finishing the lashes with little effort. 




High Quality stainless steel 302 -acid -proof, 

Anti corrosion, 

Anti-magnetic, anti-rust, 

Easy to assemble and Multi function it gives you Smooth and uniform edges

Fine tip design to pick tiny hair comes with tweezer cap and Bag



ESD-13:Non-magnetic,fine and Round (110mm)- Eyebrow Tweezer

ESD-14:Non-magnetic,Super fine tip straight (115mm)-Straight lady Angular

ESD-15:Non-magnetic,fine tip curved (115mm)- Long Curved

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