QUEWEL Eyelash Glue 5ml is a strong and durable eyelash glue that has strong super eyelash extension glue with the durability
 up to 8 weeks and therefore we recommend this eyelash glue to cosmetologists. Glue ensures you an eyelash glue
 for professional use. It can be used both for single lashes and flare eyelash clusters, and only a tiny eyelash
glue is needed to achieve the lasting effect on your eyelash extensions.
8 Steps to Perfect Eyelash Extensions
Step 1. Apply under-eye stickers


When applying under eye stickers/gel patches, you should avoid placing the sticker too close

to the eye. The sticker should be placed over the lower lashes, about 3-4 millimeters from the 

lower lash line. Check lids from below to ensure upper and Lower lids form a seal with no gaps.

Step 2. Choose extensions

Always use at least three different lengths of extensions that range from 6 mm to 14 mm in length.

It is best to use 8 mm lash extensions in the inner corners of the eye to avoid avoid an artificial

clownlike look. It is also important to use 8 mm extensions all across the eye, between the 

longer extensions to create a thick lash line. Failure to mix in short extensions results in empty

gaps that make the long extensions look similar to spider legs. For a dramatic look, opt for the

thickest ( 0.25mm) curly extensions. Finer lash extensions create a more natural look.

Step 3. Pick-up

Spread lashes out on your vinyl pad designed for quick pick up of the extensions. 

Orient extension properly in the tweezers.The extension should be oriented at a 90° 

angle to the straight tweezer for quick, accurate application

Step 4. Dip

While holding the extension from its tapered end, dip the extension into the adhesive; make sure

there is ample adhesive at the base of the extension. Swipe off any excess prior to applying.

Step 5. Isolate and Swipe

Isolate the natural lash with the curved tweezers. While holding the extension from its tapered

end, swipe the extension along the natural lash. Coat the natural lash with adhesive from base

to tip with no gaps in the glue. Spread the adhesive until smooth.

Step 6. Set

After swiping the natural lash with enough adhesive to coat it, set the extension on the lash 

about 1/2–1 mm away from the eyelid. Release the extension onto the natural lash. The lash 

should be facing upwards and parallel to the other lashes Without any beads of glue. Do not 

touch the extension after setting. Move on to another area or the opposite eye and pentuous 

apply extensions until It becomes difficult to isolate more natural lashes.

Step 7. Separate

No two extensions or natural lashes should be stuck together. Use both sets of tweezers to

separate any extensions from neighboring lashes and/or extensions. Grasp and separate

in a horizontal manner; best done while the adhesive is dry, but not fully cured. Never Pull 

in a vertical direction or place any tension on natural lashes. Repeat the application and 

separation steps until every natural lash is bonded.

Step 8. Dry

When all natural lashes have an extension securely bonded, it is time to dry the newly 

adorned lashes for three minutes. Mist with distilled water, dry again for three minutes

and perform one final round of separation.Before completing service and to help to check 


the Uniformity of application, combed with the comb brush or mascara brush.

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