NEW 5Pair 3D Mink False Eyelashes Wispy Cross Long Thick Soft Fake Eye Lashes


5 Pairs Pack 3D Mink Natural Eyelashes Long Thick Soft  Eyelashes

3D eyelash extension is a small, shaped material that is placed on top of your natural eyelash in order to provide length and thickness. A lash

 extension is designed to enhance the look and shape of the eye in a way that looks natural and does not hinder everyday activities. 3D eyelash is

 new innovation for eyelash extensions that considered semi permanent beauty aids. This is because an eyelash extension is designed

 to stay on the natural lash (mink) for a rather long period of time (anywhere from four weeks to 100 days)



@Eyelash 3D eyelash is new innovation for lashes


@ It is 100% real mink hairs or natural 


@Reusable 20-30 times long can be stay 4 weeks to 100 days.




@Easy to use, and comfort and does not harm to eyes


 @ Hypoallergenic and Cruelty free


   @ It is natural Eyelash provides medium thick and length.


@ Can be use any day and night 


@This 3D eyelash is new innovation for lashes that your eyes looks double bright and beautiful than normal time 





Package includes:


Pack: 1*5 pairs of mink eyelashes 





100% Real Mink + ABS Band



Direction to use:


@ Peel the eyelashes from the case with carefully.


@ Check the eyelashes with your eyeliner's length and apply it suitable length of eyelash 

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