QORENY Eyelash Enhancer Growth/Thicker Serum-5ml/100% Genuine

100 % NATURAL SERUM! QORENY Eyelash Growth Enhancer contains only natural ingredients: Walnut oil, Parsley, Gingerm Mustard, Radix DNA extract, Horse chesnut extract, Pseudo-ginseng extract, Licorice extrac.
A superior innovative Natural Eyelash Enhancer serum makes your eyelashes grow & look naturally gorgeous and beautiful in just a few weeks! Lot of people will ask you how you got your eyelash longer and fuller
Product Description
QORENY Eyelash Growth Enhancer is Now Considered To Be The  Most  Effective  Eyelashes
Treatment and Provide Fast Results For Longer, Thicker and Fuller Eyelashes. 
  • SHORT or SPARSE EYELASHES? THIN or OVER PLUCKED EYEBROWS? Your eyelashes break after mascara dries them out, they are pulled out by the eyelash curler, they are damaged from harsh eyelash extension glue, they are ripped by false lashes, or affected by stress, hormones and medical treatments. Your eyebrows have been aggressively plucked for years and are now thin or showing bald spots
  • GET LONGER LOOKING LASHES & THICKER LOOKING BROWS! Natural ingredients will nourish and soften them. They will appear defined and beautiful giving you a big-eyed look that is inspiring and hard to turn away from. You will make a different impact with eye contact! Consider buying two for uninterrupted usage
  • 100,000+ HAVE HAD GREAT EXPERIENCE WITH THIS SERUM. Contains amino-acids that enhance the lashes & brows. Helps maintain healthy and youthful looking lashes and brows. FREE OF color, fragrance, paraben, sulphate, phthalates, SLS, PEG, and gluten. Vegan. Not tested on animals. No prostaglandins
  • OUR GUARANTEE: For best results, use twice daily for 60 days on clean skin before applying makeup. A small portion of users may not respond to the formula. If you are not happy after using the product for 60 days as recommended, return the bottle for 100% REFUND! May cause a warm or tingling feeling on sensitive skin, which should go away in a few minutes. Before starting to use the product, test a small amount on the skin at the base of the eyelashes and wait 48 hours - if there is no redness,
  • RESPONSIBLY FORMULATED. QORENY is an eco-friendly skincare brand committed to minimizing waste and working with responsibly sourced ingredients.  QORENY Lash & Brow Serum is responsibly formulated with plant-based ingredients and botanical extracts. We pay premium prices for quality ingredients and keep batches small, so they are fresh

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