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Resistance Bands Weights Home Fitness Training Gym Workout 11 Pcs Set


11PCS Set Resistance Bands Workout Exercise Crossfit Fitness Yoga Training Tube SET 


Made of the highest quality natural latex, which is extremely durable, our bands will maintain their resistance for a long time. Close and lock your door to secure the anchor, Expanding the variety of exercises you will be able to perform with resistance bands.

This resistance bands set is small, lightweight and can be carried around. You can do exercise anywhere, such as home, gym, office, hotel, beach and travel, etc.

  • MAXIMISE YOUR STRENGTH TRAINING. Simply by shorten or lengthen the resistance bands to tone your chest, abs, biceps, legs, glutes, and more. You are able to do a variety of effective training for the whole body without needing a lot of equipment.
  • FOR EVERY KIND OF WORKOUT. 3 types of accessories come with the resistance bands' help to match with different levels of exercise plan, so you can target every single muscle group at home easily.
  • 100% NATURAL LATEX. New resistance bands are made from natural latex which have a perfect junction to the metal hook. Each band is double layered and carefully constructed to provide maximum resistance

You will get it 

5 x Color Resistance Bands

2 x Ankle Straps 

2 x Handles1 x Door-Safe Anchor1 x Carrying Bag

Resistance Levels of the bands

"YELLOW" loop band 0.7mm (5 Ibs)

"GREEN"  band 0.3mm (10 Ibs)

"RED" loop band 0.9mm (15 Ibs)

"BLUE" loop band 0.5mm (20 Ibs)

"BLACK" loop band 1.2mm (25 Ibs)

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